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11 Ways LEGO® Helps Grow a Child's Brain!

Did you know that LEGO® is a SUPER TOY?! We collaborated with our friends from Interactive Neurology in Naperville, IL to share 11 ways LEGO® helps grow a child's brain -- and for this mission, enable a young child to restore their mental stamina during their greatest time of need.

#1 Playing with LEGO® and its simple, yet imaginative inter-locking brick system works to improve eye-hand coordination.

#2 Working to connect LEGO® bricks encourages the development of spatial skills - strengthening how we understand, reason, and remember the spatial relations between objects and space.

#3 Like most things we face, building and completing a complex, multi-step LEGO® kit pushes the brain to practice persistence and patience.

#4 Building with LEGO® bricks pushes the use of fine motor skills - rejuvenating this essential skill for daily living.

#5 The strength of the brain is the ability to problem solve, and creating with bricks builds those skills up as young minds work to make ideas come to life in physical form.

#6 For a child battling a life-threatening diagnosis, playing with LEGO® delivers a sense of achievement and restores positive thoughts.

#7 Building with bricks creates opportunities for playing with others and teamwork - which releases feelings of generosity and empathy.

#8 LEGO® is the super toy for enhancing creativity and encouraging experimentation with its variety of bricks.

#9 Especially for kids enduring an extended hospital stay, playing with LEGO® helps them focus and concentrate on the (fun!) task at hand and help remove their mind from their current setting.

#10 Most importantly, LEGO® helps build self-confidence in kids.

#11 And for any kid facing a life-threatening diagnosis or enduring an extended hospital stay, playing with LEGO® means having fun!

About Interactive Neurology:

Interactive Neurology is the fruition of Dr. Matthew Imber’s dream of a clinic that is centered in helping patients with complex neurological conditions. Dr. Imber practices a research-based approach that is driven to provide real answers. This leads to treatment that helps correct the problem and not just mask the symptoms.

Located in Naperville, Dr. Imber's practice - Interactive Neurology - exists to provide a professional and honest approach to health care in the form of chiropractic neurology. Learn more at

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