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You are the catalyst in a sick kid's recovery!

Because of you, this mission is full of life - delivering new LEGO® sets to sick kids during their hospital stays . . . creating play, sparking connections, and building hope! See your impact below!





Because of you, Bricks of Hope has made 80 deliveries of new LEGO® sets to 21 different children's hospitals in the greater Chicago area and Michigan.

These deliveries have totaled 10,005 new LEGO® sets . . . but we're not just counting brick sets. This is 10,005 sick kids that you are creating play for during their hospital stays - helping to spark connections!

But your real impact is this . . . over 2 million individual bricks are now in the hands of these kids as they go through some of their rainiest days during their recovery. You are creating this play, helping to spark connections, and ultimately building hope with each brick. 

Your generosity reigns! Over $220,000 in new LEGO® set value has been donated to breathe such tremendous life into this mission.

*Impact statistics through April 2024.

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