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What is it that matters most?

I want you to put yourself in this spot . . . is this a hard question for you to answer?

For this mission, there is any easy answer.

It’s been a little over two years since jumping all in on this passion project and the challenges have been real. There is no mistake in admitting that. 

Challenges in adapting to change, working to empower others to move this mission, pushing the limits on a small operation, and every new lesson that needed to be learned.

But since day one, the answer to this question has been crystal clear . . . 

. . . all that matters are these kids.

You know just as much as I do, they don’t deserve this hand that they’ve been dealt. Life took a wrong turn and so much got taken away from them - from their childhood. 

And for this mission, all that matters are these kids and restoring those feelings for them through play with LEGO®.

Our gift might be small, these moments might be limited . . . but your impact is unparalleled for these kids.

When you give the simple gift of a new LEGO® set to a sick kid during an extended hospital stay, you are creating play, restoring their feelings of being a kid again, and building hope when they need it most.

This mission is simple, and our purpose is simpler. And when you give, you are showing these kids that they matter.

As we approach 10,000 new LEGO® sets delivered, I hope you see it as showing 10,000 sick kids that they matter in this mission. They are who we’re here for and you are making sure of that. 

So, thank you for sharing in this purpose and being the one to help us easily answer this question every single day. Undoubtedly grateful for you!

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